Internet Leads Follow-up

When Perceptionist handles your Internet leads, we use our Dynamic Outbound modeling and we respond quickly and we close sales!

Who’s Handling Your Internet Leads?

You’ve invested in a website or use a service to send you leads, but when the world reaches back are you following up in time? Have you ever noticed that the sooner you follow up with Internet leads, the better your chances of winning the sale?

Perceptionist - Internet Lead Services

What Are the Results?

The chances of contacting a lead diminish by 10 times within the first 60 minutes! Things such as sick days, vacations, evenings and weekends, all delay your ability to contact leads and result in fewer appointments.

Perceptionist - Internet Lead Services

How Does it Work?

Our team of trained Perceptionists make a call to answer the customer’s questions and schedule an appointment. On average, we make our first attempt to contact the lead within minutes. If the person does not answer the phone, we will call again using our revenue proven technique.

Perceptionist - Internet Lead Services

How Much Does it Cost?

As with all of our services, we only charge for scheduled appointments…all other calls are free! If the customer doesn’t schedule an appointment, you don’t pay.

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