Solutions That Are Centered Around Growing Your Business

Franchises choose Perceptionist because they see the immediate as well as long-term benefits to themselves and their franchisees.

Advantages for Franchisors

Regardless of the location, your customers will have a consistent, excellent experience – using your script, your schedule and your pricing. Controlling the “how” of multiple franchise locations is challenging. We can help. You provide the script, you set the parameters and we follow them every time!

Brand Consistency

When people think of your brand, you want them to think of excellence. Perceptionist helps maintain a consistent and professional image for your customers by providing the first call resolution they expect.

Territory Alignment

On average, there is an immediate 5-10% increase in sales for franchises because we match callers real-time to the correct franchise even if they dial the wrong number…no need for the customer to call another location or simply hang up.

Expand Market Share

Perceptionist helps grow your franchises. Our expertise in First Call Resolution means more business, more sales and more growth for you. We help you maximize your marketing dollars by capturing every opportunity.

Franchise-Wide Reporting

Reliable performance data gives you the information you need for smarter marketing and strategic planning decisions.

System Integration

We are experts in designing and deploying custom system integration solutions. Our dedicated integration team will get the job done quickly.

Internet Leads

Our online lead pursuit program is statistically calibrated to achieve the goals set by your organization.

Advantages for Franchisees

Tired of the guessing game? We’ll provide you with all the data you need – conversion rates, call volume – so you can make the informed decisions you need to run your business.

Perceptionist - franchise call center

Increase Sales by Making the Most of Every Sales Opportunity

There are many legitimate reasons why you can’t answer every phone call. When you can’t take the call, we can. We stop your callers from moving on to your competitors. Our goal is simple: Answer your caller’s questions to schedule the appointment.

Perceptionist - franchise call center

Consistent and Professional Brand Image for Callers

We want your callers to feel as though they are talking to you. We represent you and your brand. We accomplish this by always using your script, your schedule and your pricing.

Perceptionist - franchise call center

Add Flexibility & Efficiency for You and Your Franchise

Tired of being glued to your phone and the constant interruptions? With Perceptionist, you can be more focused and productive because you don’t have to take every call. You know that we are there to provide the back-up support you need to take the call and get the sale when you can’t.

Your Source for Franchise Services!

When Perceptionist answers your phone, we will AMAZE your customers and GROW your business! That’s just what we do! We always use your script, your schedule and your pricing!