About Us

Our customers outperform their industry peers by leveraging our solutions.

We’re the Kind of People You Want to Work With

Founded over 19 years ago, Perceptionist Inc has become one of the largest North American providers of small business call center services.

We provide a way for businesses to capture 100% of their sales opportunities by providing overflow sales support during days, evenings, and weekends. Instead of sending customers to voicemail, calls are redirected to a team of specially trained sales representatives who know the business and have the skills to close the sale.

We specialize in supporting independent and franchise service businesses in the US and Canada. We provide:

  • Inbound and Outbound Sales Support
  • Marketing Data Integration
  • Internet Lead Sales Support
  • Software integration solutions

Company Values

Perceptionist’s Company Values include three main areas:

Great people and great relationships with our customers


It is our relationship with callers, clients, employees, and our communities that determines our success. Our cultural values are to be helpful, authentic, tolerant, fun, passionate, loving, understanding, and confident.

We work as an extension of your business to help you grow


Purpose + Reason + Actions = Process
Although we believe success starts and ends with people, it is the process that binds us together.

Providing insight so our customers can make better decisions


Knowledge + Information = Results
Delivering information allows our customers to make better decision.

Brand Promise

Our Perceptionists are the ones that bring to life the mission, values and brand promise each day

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